2017 Ford Super Duty Redesign

2017 Ford Super Duty Redesign

Since 1998, the Super Duty has led Ford’s truck segment in payload, towing and power. For many years, the original design of this truck has remained almost unchanged. However, this is all about to change with the introduction of the new 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty.

2017 Ford Super Duty Release Date

2017 Ford Super Duty Release Date

The unveiling of the 2017 Ford Super Duty Release Date is one of the most anticipated motor event with lots of speculation on the exact date of the release. Speculation heightened when recently the 2017 Ford Super Duty Release Date was seen testing on Michigan’s streets giving a glimpse of what to expect with the new model. The trucks belong to the best-selling series of pickups from Ford in history and features great improvements on previous versions. High strength steel makes up more than 90 percent of the body, this makes the frame more than 20 times

2017 Ford Super Duty F-250 For Sale, Lariat

2017 Ford Super Duty F-250

2017 Ford Super Duty F-250 is the 3th generation F-Series, which comes with groundbreaking design. Last year, Ford launched the 2015 Ford F-150 model. Just like the previous series, the latest model, F-250 is also manufactured by using light weight aluminum. A few believable sources reveal that 2017 Ford Super Duty F-250 will be displayed at the New York Auto Show, which will be held by the end of 2015. However, the company has not announced the releasing date of this vehicle.

2017 Ford Super Chief Price, Release Date

2017 Ford Super Chief

According to a number of reports the 2017 Ford Super Chief is a luxury pickup truck that will embark upon the automotive market as a riveting vehicle with an exceptional design. This will be far from the average pickup truck, given the fact that it will be outfitted with a number of advanced automotive technologies that other vehicles within its class do not have. By all accounts that are presently known, the Ford Super Chief will extend its popularity while further extending the impeccable reputation of the American automotive giant.

2017 Ford F650-F750 Review, Cummins

2017 Ford F650-F750

For the last 35 years, the Ford Motor Company has [resented consumers with an impeccable medium duty commercial pickup truck line. Over those years, the company has embarked upon a variant of joint ventures, but the 2017 Ford F650-F750 marks the company leaving those partnerships behind. This line, according to insiders that are fairly close to the automaker, are impeccably Ford all the way down to their power train options.

2017 Ford F-550 Specs, Super Duty

2017 Ford F-550

The most recent vehicle to hail from the company’s Dearborn manufacturing plant is the 2017 Ford F-550. This redesigned vehicle will present to consumers with a more aggressive aesthetic as well as an updated Power Stroke 6.7 liter turbo diesel V-8 power unit that serves as the replacement for the former Cummins ISB 6.7 liter engine. Moreover, this will be a vehicle that will certainly attract a larger fan base due to its modifications and more.

2017 Ford F-450 Super Duty, Price

2017 Ford F-450

With the arrival of the 2017 Ford F-450, it appears that the company is living by the old adage, “go big or go home.” This is a vehicle that will chime in on the automotive market to the hefty tune of 9,083 pounds making it the heaviest within its respective segment. The latest offering of the F-450 Super Duty will additionally enter the market as the strongest heavy duty full-sized pickup truck, firmly separating itself from its smaller stablemate, the F-350. There is not a great deal of information available regarding the vehicle, but what is available will be

2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty, Release Date

2017 Ford F-350

It has been revealed that the 2017 Ford F-350 will present to the automotive market with a lightweight aluminum body. According to the company, the use of aluminum will decrease the popular vehicle’s weight by an estimated 350 pounds. Avid fans of the line should not become concerned regarding the reduction of weight, given the fact that the popular Super Duty pickup truck is actually able to tow more than before. With this latest offering of the F-350 Super Duty, industry experts contend that it will continue to be one of the bestselling within its

2017 Ford F-150 Diesel Price, Redesign

2017 Ford F-150 Diesel

The 2017 Ford F-150 Diesel is a full redesign of the currently existing model that features a new frame, an upgrade of the suspension and a new engine. The current Ford F-150 is Americas top-selling passenger truck beating any other 4-wheeled locomotive on the American roads courtesy of its fuel economy, comfort, utility and its amenities. However, these aspects are not everything all buyers are looking for in a vehicle. For such buyers who target an extreme boulder crashed with stability

2017 Ford Ranger Review, USA

2017 Ford Ranger

Being the second generation of the model, the 2017 Ford Ranger is expected to bring on board some changes and more diverse options. The outside modern and tough look will be accompanied by a comfortable interior and a powerful engine making all combined into a truck competitors will want to watch out for. Here is a look at what this truck will have to offer.